Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Five Reasons McCain Should Replace Sarah Palin as his VP. And Five Reasons Not To.

Why he should:

1. There are more scandals to come out, including Bridge-to-Nowheregate and Secessiongate. They just didn't vet her enough, and it's time to cut their losses.

2. The Sarah Palin media frenzy of gaffes and lies is drowning out any McCain message.

3. By looking more controvercial, untested, and unprepared, she takes off the table any effective attacks against Obama.

4. Troopergate report released in October may overshadow anything else the campaign wants to do.

5. By putting someone else on the ticket, like Lieberman, McCain would get the ticket he wants and also say he tried to please the right wing. He'd also look like a person who can react and make tough adjustments.

Why not?

1. Admits to everyone Palin was a mistake and he goofed. Makes him look incompetent.

3. Replacing a VP two months from the election is unprecidented. There'd be no script for what the RNC could do next.

4. Even if he replaces her, the issue doesn't go away completely: he'll still face questions about why he picked her, what his judgement is, etc.

5. Time is short and the convention love-fest will be gone. Leaves few chances to brand the new guy nationally, etc. even if he goes with a well-tested name like Lieberman or Ridge.

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TBD said...

On August 1, 1972, Thomas Eagleton was dumped from the George McGovern campaign and McGovern lost to Nixon/Agnew in one of the largest (if not THE) largest landslides in history. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Eagleton#Replacement_on_the_ticket

I say dump the issue, not Palin. Both sides are getting hurt by this because voters are angry with the process. All it does is polarize BOTH sides.