Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Debate Psych Out

The upcoming debates should be fun. Both McCain and Obama are planning to try to psych each other out.

Obama wants to get under McCain's skin and make him blow a gasket and shout out something like, "fuck the American taxpayer, if they don't want to pony up another trillion dollars to nuke Iran, they can go to hell! And yeah, I picked Sarah Palin because she's smokin' hot, not 'cause of what's upstairs - you want to make something of it, you pansy wusses?"

McCain, for his part, wants to psy-ops Obama into making some slip-up like, "when Michelle and I invited William Ayers to join our foreign policy advisement team after our prayer-meeting at the mosque, we talked about how beneficial it might be if we, you know, asked Congress to invite Ahmadinejad to the U.S. to teach sex ed to kindergartners."

I think both of these men will be struggling mightily not to make such a screw-up. So expect everyone on stage to look slightly constipated.

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