Sunday, September 14, 2008

Top Ten John McCain Lies

And now, for those of you tired of hearing about Sarah Palin and her scandals, let's turn our attention to John McCain, and his hurricane of lies. Here now are the Top Ten of the big lies from the formerly "straight-talkin'" John McCain, who has now become the dishonorable lying McCain.

10. Lies that agreed with his assertion that Obama was "digging for dirt" and attacking governor Palin, when Obama had nothing to do with any rumors and had sent no one to Alaska. (Factcheck was debunking wild internet rumors, not any Obama claims.) In fact, factchecked John McCain on this point, calling him a liar for falsely accusing Obama. Some see lying about an independent fact-check organization as brilliant (who's going to remember what the lie is?) But it hurts's reputation, and they didn't take this one lying down.

9. Claims that Sarah Palin has foreign policy experience, which consists solely of the fact that you can see Russia from a small sliver of Alaska (or from Palin's house, as Saturday Night Live put it.)

8. Lies by saying he supported investigations into hurricane Katrina when in fact he stymied not one but TWO attempts to investigate the Katrina disaster.

7. Lies saying that he has "always supported our troops" when in fact McCain has voted NO over ten times on support for veterins health care and body armor for troops.

6. Lies by saying Obama wants to raise taxes on the middle class when Obama's tax plan would lower taxes on the middle class more than would McCain's, who wants to give more of the government's money to people he considers rich (that is, those making more than 5 million a year). The non-partisan Tax Policy Center says that a middle-class American will receive a tax cut 8 TIMES LARGER from Obama than McCain.

5. Says Sarah Palin is a "reform" governor who cut earmarks, when in fact, under Sarah Palin, Alaska requested more earmarks per capita than any other state in the country and as mayor of Wasilla, Palin requested over 27 million in earmarks for a city of 6000. This is called the "ministry of peace" lie: let's call it the opposite of what it is an everyone will believe it....

4. The "bridge-to-nowhere" lie about Sarah Palin just saying no to the bridge. She just said yes before she turned around and said, well, ok, we'll take the money and won't build the bridge after all. But she never said no to the money. McCain, however, just can't say no to this lie, and keeps telling it over and over.

3. The "lipstick on a pig" lie. If anyone believes Obama was insinuating Palin is a pig in this remark, they must be a Republican spin meister. In the end, it was McCain looking piggish over this farm animal fabrication.

2. Lies in commercial about Obama wanting to teach sex education to kindergateners, when in fact Obama was supporting legislation that would protect kindergateners from sexual preditors. This one is so outrageous even the media can't stomach it: they've called it "shameful and downright perverse." So does this mean McCain supports sexual preditors? If he does, it would be his first and only education policy position.

1. The biggest lie of all? That McCain is a "maverick" bringing reform to Washington. As one of the richest men in Washington, with Karl Rove opperatives on his political team; over 170 corporate lobbiests in his campaign who have, by the way, given him over $930 million dollars; a voting record supporting George W. Bush 95% of the time in 2007 and 100% in 2008; and even prominent conservative commentators like David Frum agreeing that McCain has no substantial policies to offer, McCain is the wet dream of entrenched Washington interests.

You know that when even Karl Rove says McCain's gone "too far" with his dishonest tactics, things have gotten out of hand.

Check it out: the DNC now has a wiki page devoted to the top 52 McCain lies.

Want to hear more? Watch this video.

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