Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin Speaks to Gibson: Press Reacts

She gave her interview to Charlie Gibson last night. Here's the reaction.

Summary: after two weeks of intense cramming, she came off like a neophyte. But will it matter? Public doesn't seem to care. The Bush Doctrine flub was too esoteric for most; she'd need to flub up something more basic, like, how many chambers of Congress are there? Public might care a bit more at the debates, though, when Biden can score lovely sound-bites off her: Palin and McCain have their work cut out for them for this prize fight event. But Obama can't rest his candidacy on a slim hope that Palin will have a "deer in the headlights" moment played round the world. With the exception of this interview and the debates, McCain will keep her under wraps till the election. And Palin just has to beat expectations - which are so insanely low as to be considered a newly discovered near-zero physical property - to win the debates. Odds are in her favor.

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