Monday, September 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Debate Camp

By all reports, the only hope the Republicans really have is to hide a wireless transmitter inside her beehive hairdoo.

Assuming the hidden microphone trick doesn't play, I think that Intrade should open up a third line of betting on Thursday's debate:

Odds that Biden will be considered the "winner" (by being more knowledgeable and reassuring to voters): 45%

Odds that Palin will be considered the "winner" (by being beating the insanely low expectations, able to answer questions and being more relatable to average voters): 35%

Odds that Palin's performance will be a historical cringe-inducing nationally televised disaster akin to watching the Hindenburg blow up: 20%

I'll be watching just 'cause of that last 20%.

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Anonymous said...

Can a hidden mic on Palin be detected or scrambled?