Wednesday, September 03, 2008

McCain - He's a POW, Once Again

Are getting tired of being told that because you aren't a Bible-quoting, gun-toting, anti-science, gay-hating, anti-abortion, moose-juice-drinking yokel that you are a "bubblehead" who just doesn't get the great, wise, unwashed American people?

I know I am.

Republicans are determined to turn this election into a culture war referendum.

What do they expect to do if McCain/Palin wins the White House on such a platform? Make abortion and gay marriage illegal, deport 10 million Mexican immigrants, teach religion as "scientific truth" in school, make everybody pledge allegiance to Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and start an atomic Holy War in the middle east?

From the rhetoric you hear on FOX and at the convention, that would make some people pleased as punch.

What happened to John McCain we thought we knew? Seems to me he has once again been taken as a POW....this time by the religious right.

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