Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scientists Determine That People are Born Gay

Scientists have presented new evidence that people are born either straight or gay, and the evidence is discernable in the way their brains are structured.

While the evidence isn't a 100% silver bullet that the cause is genetics (rather than, say, interuterine hormones), it does statistically prove that people are born oriented one way or another.

Since several court cases have denied gay marriage based on an argument that being gay isn't necessarily proven to be inborn (such as the New York case), one wonders whether this study will change the result in many state cases.

Will science change people's minds? Or have Americans really stopped believing in science?

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Anonymous said...

hormones are produces in the body that is structured base on genetics. so when one says "interuterine hormones" one should understand that those hormones are produced based on genetics of the body.