Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike: Katrina, The Sequel

Lost amongst the Dow dropping 500 points:

Hurricane Ike is fast becoming Katrina, the Sequel, as FEMA once again fumbles the ball, unable to deliver water and food for emergency workers and blaming local authorities for lack of coordination.

Come on, people. How many rings from the reality phone does it take to make Americans wake up to the fact that Republican party is a disaster?

Financial institutions crumbling.

Markets plunging.

Katrina, Part Two, as FEMA still in shambles.

Vice Presidential nominee whose resume is filled with scandals.

And McCain, the only crook involved who wasn't kicked out of Congress (when he should have been) due to his participation in Keating Five Scandal, has nothing to offer but lies and disassociation from reality.

I mean, I know she looks cute hunting polar bears, but is that really how we're going to decide this election? Electing McCain now would be like electing Herbert Hoover AFTER the Depression started.

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