Monday, September 29, 2008

Dropping Sarah Palin: Rumors Escalate!

I'm receiving (fairly well placed) rumors that Sarah Palin's family is being flown in to meet with her and that she is clutching so badly in the debate prep that McCain is considering dropping her from the ticket on Thursday, before the debate.

Today's rout in the markets may make that decision more urgent.

My guess - McCain may actually be thinking he can salvage his sinking campaign by replacing her with either Mitt Romney or Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg would be the more brilliant selection. All the enthusiasm from the base would be lost but he has to calculate: would they really vote for Obama? And could he "reinvent" himself one more time as a team better structured to handle the crisis?

My sources are only speculating on a replacement but the "drop Palin" rumor seems to be out there. I think he's sunk with or without her, but given what we've seen from McCain I wouldn't put it past him to try one more Hail Mary.

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