Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane of Lies: My Idea for an Obama Video

Ezra Klein of The American Prospect complains that the Obama slogan, "more of the same" is not strong enough, and doesn't really define McCain. He says voters will be smart enough to see that McCain isn't Bush. I agree. Obama's new slogan should be: "John McCain. Not More of the Same. Worse."

Here's the commercial I'd make to introduce the idea. Call it "Hurricane of Lies" -

Start with network news announcer, make it looks like a real weather alert: "Alert! There's a new hurricane forming and headed straight for's John McCain's hurricane of lies." Quick montage of oh, say, a dozen McCain/Palin lies from the past weeks. "Forty years ago, John McCain served this country honorably. Now he's covering his lack of any real policy proposals for America in a hurricane of lies. [show clip of banks failing, foreclosures, joblessness.] And he thinks war is the answer to every international dispute. [run the "Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran" clip and Sarah Palin with Gibson talking about going to war over Georgia.] If this hurricane hits the White House, it would be a disaster of epic proportions."

See? Remind people of Bush/Katrina/Iraq disasters but impress that McCain is his own man because he's WORSE. Then introduce the new slogan: "John McCain. No, that's not more of the same. That's worse."

Of course, if Ike turns out to be a genuine disaster, you'd have to pull it. But if it fizzles like Gustav, this would be gold.

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