Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hail Mary Pass Fumbled: McCain Punts

Looks like McCain's hail mary pass to Palin has been fumbled, so since he's pinned down now 4th and long on his own thirty yard line, he's decided to punt.

Waiting to hear on Obama's response to McCain's punt of postponing the debates. (BTW, attacking the press and hiding out seems to be the only strategy the campaign has left, anymore.) Only time will tell if this kick down the field will get him into Obama territory, of if the Obama linebackers can sack the punter deep in McCain's turf.

Here's the thing: McCain essentially has been cornered into having to go back to Washington to vote for the bailout. As should Obama. But that shouldn't postpone the debates: McCain obviously feels we need to get past this news cycle or the debates will kill him. He's probably right. But Obama shouldn't let him get away with this, and probably won't. And most people will see this move for what it is: bald-faced desperation.

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