Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Playing Politics? Or Political Cover?

Mark Finkelstein at newsbusters says that McCain is coming to Washington at Paulson's request in order to save the bailout.

I agree. The bailout would go down in defeat without McCain. He needed to get on board and give political cover to Republicans, and Democrats needed political cover from Republicans being on board as well.

I am not arguing that McCain's going to Washington to assist the bailout plan is a political stunt. That's genuine.

But saying he's "suspending his campaign" (when he's really not - his ads are still on TV and he was giving a campaign speech this morning), and saying we can't have a debate on Friday - that's a political stunt.

Finklestein needs to make a correction. Henry Reid may be calling McCain's getting involved in the negotiations a stunt, but I'm not, and neither is Barney Frank. We're saying that canceling the debate is a stunt.

If it wasn't a stunt, why not coordinate it with Obama and send out a joint announcement, like they did on 9/11? He didn't - because it was a stunt.

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