Friday, September 19, 2008

Biden Gaffe Watch - Post #1: Buckeyegate

Oh, oh. There are Biden gaffes and there are Biden gaffes.

I can tell you, as someone born and raised in Columbus, dissing the Ohio State football team is about the biggest gaffe anyone can make in Ohio.

I mean, Biden could have said he'd just come from a wild Hollywood orgy where he and Richard Fuld, president of Lehman brothers, were snorting coke, lighting treasury bills on fire, and getting butt-fucked by Ossama bin Laden, and it wouldn't be half as bad in Ohio as saying something negative about the Buckeyes.

Am I serious? I mean, we're only talking football, right? Let me tell you, the Dow could be plunging below zero and nuclear bombs going off in New York and LA, and I could call family at home on a Saturday and ask what was happening in Columbus and the response would be, "everyone's watching the Ohio State game."

Obama didn't want to win the election by winning Ohio, did he? No...much more dramatic doing it the hard way....

But then, reading this closer, Biden was talking about Delaware kicking Ohio State's ass. So maybe he was being ironic? Not sure how many Buckeye fans do irony. But if the Buckeyes win, and kick some Delaware ass, they may end up feeling more gracious about it.

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