Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dumping Palin: Could it Happen?

Sean Quinn at Fivethirtyeight.com says no way. It would be "game over" for McCain.

My gut says to agree with this analysis. As Sean says, Palin is the only thing firing up the base right now. But then there are the rumors that McCain will drop her before the debate (after the debate, it doesn't matter.)

And McCain has been nothing but full of surprises.

What if McCain could replace someone who could give him an "economy" narrative AND fire up the base? What about Huckabee?

But then, why not pick Huckabee to begin with? I think even Huckabee would look extremely weak. McCain would have to put Boon Pickens or Warren Buffet on the ticket, and even then, he'd still likely lose.

I kind of want to fight the rumors here. It could be an intentional Republican ploy to lower expectations to below zero. Because I just don't see anything to be gained for McCain by letter her go now. Best to take the chances on the debates.

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