Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hey, Obama: It's the Economy, Stupid

While Obama tries to portray McCain as out of touch, the former Keating Five inside-crook tries to portray himself as a populist reformer, suggesting a 9-11 style commission to investigate "those crooks on Wall Street."

The public seems to like "populist" McCain running against his own party. No problem with the cognitive dissonance there.

Meanwhile, Obama is once again the responsible one who understands that the problem is about lax regulation and Bush-era corporate giveaways. And while the Biden smashes on MCain are good, that's just half the story. Obama needed to scoop McCain by coming out with his own positive plan to tackle the crisis, and put advisors like Robert Rudin front and center.

Come on, Obama - they're making it too easy. Yes, attack McCain. But don't lose what people liked about you originally: positive solutions. Have one to this crisis.

UPDATE, 2pm: And he does it! Yeah! Barnburner speech on the economy by Obama, laying out specifically how to handle this crisis.

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