Saturday, September 06, 2008

Republican / Democratic Convention Takeaways

Now that the hoopla of the past two weeks can subside, here are my thoughts on the differences between what we saw.

Biggest Answered Questions
Democrats: Obama can speak well, but can he be tough? Answer: yes.
Republicans: McCain can't speak all that well, but is he so tough that he's irresponsible? Answer: yes.

Biggest Unanswered Questions
Democrats: What did Obama really have to promise Hillary? How many "real people" did they have to interview to find six who could speak like that? And doesn't Obama have anything better to do than keep texting me in the middle of the night every time there's a change in the polls?
Republicans: Who the hell is Sarah Palin? Who does Cindy McCain's hair? And where have they hidden George W. Bush?

Biggest Takeaway
Obama: This election isn't about me, it's about you.
McCain: This election isn't about you, it's about me.

Most Memorable Chants
Democrats: "Four More Months!"
Republicans: "Drill, baby, drill!"

Now, let's put those slogans against some images.

Democrats: "Four More Months!"

Republicans: "Drill, baby, drill!"

Biggest Irony
This was a year when putting a woman on the ticket was the risky but easy choice. Putting a man on was the disappointing but responsible choice.

Biggest Reversal
Democrats suddenly became sexists and Republicans suddenly found woman's rights.

Biggest Catfight
Small town mayors versus community organizers: which are more All American? Which get more laughs? Even Republican church organizers get a bit ticked off. Mooseburger jokes still funny.

Most Laughable Speech
Rudy Giuliani's, for complaining that Obama is too "cosmopolitan." Hey, Giuliani...I gotcha cosmopolitan rightch heeaaarrrr....

Most Cognitive Dissonance
Republicans go after Obama for being too famous, too sudden, and too worshiped by his fans by creating an even more light-weight, overnight celebrity of their own...and then worshiping her.

Stagecraft Moment
Democrats: vertical columns in stadiums look laughable being built, look great on TV. Republicans: horizontal stages and pictures of middle schools look great being built, look laughable on TV. What's with the Republicans' fascination with those damned green backgrounds?

Convention Themes
Democrats campaign on a single theme: change.
Republicans campaign on a single theme: change.

Guess that's because for the last eight years, no one's been in charge.

What I Most Want To See Next
Forget having Biden debate Palin. I want to see Michelle Obama debate her.

Biggest Story Change
Big question going into the conventions: What will Hillary do next? Big question coming out of the conventions: What will Palin do next? Boy, sure bet Hillary is t.o.'ed about that.

Biggest winner: Campbell Brown, for looking brave and ending up the real working woman's hero.

Biggest looser: US magazine, for jumping on the "scandal" headline assuming that Republicans would get the joke.

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