Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why McCain Cancelled The Debate

Here's the real reason: so he can cancel Palin's debate next week.

Either he was spooked by her recent performance, as evidenced on Couric's show,* or he's worried that there's some truth to this breaking scandal in the Enquirer.

Watch for this: Even though there is already effectively a compromise in place today, Senate Republicans will have McCain's back, refusing to sign the compromise bank rescue bill until the weekend.

I never thought I say this: we have a political environment where President Bush is acting more reponsibly than John McCain.

Let's just hope our economy can withstand these political shenanigans for three more days.

*By the way, just because Palin says in this interview that if we don't sign the bill "we'll be headed for the Great Depression," this doesn't tie McCain's hands. Yeah, it's fear mongering, but who thinks Palin influences the markets? And after Biden's gaffes this week where he's said about forty things contradicting Obama, I don't think Democrats could make very much of that comment.

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