Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Palin Prepares for Her Oral Exam

All the hubbub from the Republicans is how Palin is "cramming" for the debates - kind of like a college senior preparing for her oral exams - and whether she has the intelligence and poise to regurgitate the talking points on Thursday in a convincing and measured way.

I have no doubt that Palin is a poised politician and if she doesn't get herself tripped up, she could regurgitate some talking points with poise.

And sure, all politicians try their best to stick to talking points. (Okay, not Joe Biden. That should make Thursday really interesting.)

But the scary thing here is, until this week, Republicans are admitting that Palin has had absolutely no interest or experience in any of the issues that will be discussed in the debates. Most people on a Presidential ticket at least have thought about these things a few times before getting up on the podium. Any thoughts that she does express on Thursday will be memorized talking points, not actual thought created by actual brain cells making connections.

I mean, I could cram for the debate with Joe for three days and probably do at least as well - if not better - than Palin would.

Do voters really want to elect the college student who slept through class all semester and has to cram for exams at the last minute to lead their country during a national economic catastrophe?

Only in the worst sort of Hollywood comedy. Which is what McCain's campaign has become.

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