Monday, September 29, 2008

What Americans Want: Free Ice Cream

Americans are like babies: they wanted to tell Congress members to vote no (send a message!) but they secretly wanted the bill to pass so their IRA's and home values wouldn't tank.

The people were like the Congress members: desperately praying that SOMEONE ELSE would vote for the bill so that they wouldn't have any PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for it. Everyone assured House leaders they would vote for the bill but then backed out thinking they could vote no and the bill would still pass. That's the same sort of thinking as constituents wanting them to vote no so they could rail against Wall Street and "stick to the man" but thinking the bill would pass nevertheless, and they could keep their righteous superiority.

So we only have ourselves to blame for our economic demise. This is the anti-9/11: Americans showing just how pathetic they are when faced with a crisis. In two hours, the net worth of America lost more money than was at stake in the bill to begin with.

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