Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Biggest Scandal of All: McCain's Shameless Lies

As the weeks go by and the Palin hub-bub dies down, I think we'll see that the biggest scandal in all of this has been the way McCain has started blatantly lying in his campaign (admittedly, all politicians distort the truth, but this has risen to a new level):

1. Claiming Obama requested "1 billion" in earmarks (not true).
2. Claiming Palin is a "reformer" against earmarks (not true, she requested more than Obama, the most, per capita, of any state).
3. Claiming Palin didn't support the "bridge to nowhere" when she did.

All this just to co-opt Obama's "change" message. Kind of reminiscent of the Bush administration, isn't it? But finally, the press is fact-checking the lies and calling McCain on it. But will it matter? Is the public ready to believe anything? Should Obama start claiming that McCain was brainwashed by the Viet Cong and is a communist plant? Should he stick to the high road, or can we just say anything in this election and get away with it?

Give us your opinion here.

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