Saturday, November 01, 2008

Why Is Obama Investing Money In Arizona? Because It's Cruel....

Nate Silver points out that Obama's investment in Arizona makes no electoral vote sense.

So why is he doing it? Why did I receive this email today from David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager?

I'm writing to report that we're seeing a surge of support in states we didn't expect to be close contests, including Georgia and North Dakota. But the latest battleground is a major opportunity: John McCain's home state of Arizona -- where we go on the air today.

The answer: Obama simply wants to get inside McCain's head. This will drive him CRAAAAZZZYYY. And, if Obama is lucky, force him to make another mistake.

Anyone who's been watching both Obama and McCain these past six months would be a fool not to clearly see this is the only reason for Obama to advertise in Arizona. Tactics and strategy.

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libhom said...

Arizona is a swing state in this election. The Obama campaign would be stupid not to advertise there, given that they are flush with money.

I should point out that Obama is ahead in early voting there.