Saturday, November 01, 2008

Boo! Here's My Holloween Election Scare

Ok - just in case you Obama supporters aren't scared enough, here's my Holloween election scare:

A "Hillary" PUMA defects from the Democrats and reveals internal polling showing...Obama underperforming by 10% of the current polls due to the Bradley effect - pollsters screening out people who refuse to answer (i.e., racist voters), and Obama seriously about to lose Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, and all the rest!

Ok, if that didn't reach into your deepest, darkest fears and stain your PJ's, I don't know what will....

(of course, there's no evidence this isn't a McCain campaign troll operative, either. Happy Holloween!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To be honest, a Palin vice presidency pretty much sums up my greatest fears. The woman has basically bombed every 'uncontrolled' interview she's had (Couric, Gibson):
I can't see how these PUMA's would rather have her than Obama.