Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama 364? No - 365!

Now that they're calling North Carolina for Obama, everyone's saying that he's got 364 electoral votes in this election.

But they're wrong.

They're missing a vote.

What? What one electoral vote is missing?

Nebraska's 2nd district: looks like it will go for Obama. And this will be the first time that a state splits its vote for President (only Nebraska and Maine count districts separately).

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Omababe said...

As a resident (barely, just over the boundary) of Nebraska District 2, I can report that many of us are tickled pink (pun intended) over our contribution to the victory.

What is not being reported, however, is that the Pubs are mounting an effort to go to a winner-take-all scheme. They should be careful, they just might get it! District 1 had its most populous county, among others, go Blue this time. If the winner-take-all goes through, it might be the case next election that the outstate Red votes can't prevent ALL of Nebraska from going Blue. Go Big (uh ...) Blue! :)