Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Anti-Gay Blacklist

A movement is afoot to boycott (or "blacklist") people working in the arts who donated to the Yes on 8 campaign.

Bud Schulberg - the writer of What Made Sammy Run? and On the Waterfront - once taught a writing class I attended. Schulberg, you may or may not know, was one of the few writers who actually testified to HUAC and gave up the names of other writers who had once belonged to the Communist party. The fifteen writers he named were put on the Hollywood blacklist. Schulberg later went on to work with Elia Kazan (another artist who named names) on On the Waterfront.

While Schulberg and Kazan went on to continue their careers, due to the blacklist and their naming names, many other writers, actors, and artists were prevented from working for fifteen years or more. However, both Schulberg and Kazan were in a bind: if they didn't name names, their own careers would be over. And they were talented artists committed to creating stories that featured the plight of the working man. Yet they found themselves highly criticized for not having the backbone to stand up to HUAC.

After McCarthy's downfall, HUAC itself was pronounced "unamerican" by Truman and was eventually made a mockery of in the sixties hearings of the Yippies and other sixties figures.

After the blacklist later ended, the tables turned: Kazan and Schulberg and others who had talked found themselves ostracized from Hollywood. When Kazan was awarded the lifetime achievement award in 1999, even then it still provoked much controversy.

A boycott of an organization is one thing. Organizations are political entities entirely persuadable by political pressure. Targeting individuals, however, is another matter. And I mention all this to say that I find the idea of a blacklist of individuals - for whatever reason - immensely distasteful. Persuade, cajole, bargain, complain, voice anger, write letters, "out," call names, embarrass these people, yes, by all means. But I would caution anyone who wants to use a tool as drastic as a blacklist that attempts to damage a person's career. Not only does it silence the response you need in order to create dialogue, and ultimately, another potential advocate. It also, as with all such political witch-hunting, tends to precipitate unfortunate results for everyone involved.

Update: Scott Eckern of CMT resigns.


abcd1234321 said...

I think they should publish their work numbers, as well. There is a reason one must list identifiable information when donating 1000 dollars or more, it's called accountability. If people support hate, they shouldn't be afraid to be called out on it.

Anonymous said...

This is a violation of privacy.

This is America, the right to vote is one of our biggest and most important freedoms. They should not be attacked becuase they exercised that right.

If you have a problem then look at the polls. California has decided.

abcd1234321 said...

America requires one to disclose personal, identifiable, information when one donates an amount of money exceeding 1000dollars(we're not talking about voting, you sound confused).

Why? So people are accountable for their actions. Feel free to donate money to support hate and discrimination(or whatever your little heart-or lack thereof-desires), just don't hide from one's actions like a coward.

I love America and I happen to agree with said American law. If you think it's a violation of your privacy, write your senator or someone who cares.

Anonymous said...

Will someone provide us with a
Pro-Gay Pinklist?

Anonymous said...

Typical response by the gay community ... respond to democracy (which they call hate) with their own hate. Guess what -- that's why nobody likes you. It doesn't even have to do with your life choices any more; it has to do with your self-righteous attitudes. California, the bastion of liberalism, has spoken. You should take it to the courts if you don't like it; I'll be sure to patronize as many of these businesses as possible -- thanks for posting them for me,!

I encourage others who believe that answering hate with hate is not the answer to patronize these businesses as well.

This entire operation will backfire any way; someday, homosexuals will learn that this is not the manner to advance their agenda. The country spoke pretty clearly about how they feel about the approaches and attitudes that homosexuals have taken, and this sure isn't helping your campaign any.

Anonymous said...

a. greyson howl,

I think you are dead wrong. Many people including myself absolutely emphatically don't believe in this nonsense whatsoever! How can two people of the same sex get married and it be called MARRIAGE? Maybe domestic partnership, but not marriage. That is ridiculous and it fundamentally changes the fabric of society for the worse. As musch bagggage as kids have now days why do you want to saddle them with this mess like having 2 daddys or having 2 mommys? We who have kids do not in any way want our kids growing up thinking that this is a viable alternative to what is truly natural between a man and a woman. Why can't I believe this way without being branded a hatemonger? It's funny how you all want people to believe the way YOU want people to believe, but are not accepting of what people want to believe. Hate is not even an issue as everyone has gay people in their family and what not. The issue is putting this in people's face and FORCING them to accept this when IT IS NOT NATURAL.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be serious. If you donated to Obama I think you are a fool but I have no intention of creating a boycott list of every doner.

Gat a life!

Shannon Mcconnell said...

Of course people have a right to privacy about who/what they voted for, but NOT when it is in support of affecting other people's personal RIGHTS, especially as specified in our own Constitution("...all men are created equal.." etc.). You cannot enforce religious, and personal beliefs/preferences on other citizens. Gay married couples would probably NOT enforce a marriage ban on straight people! Paranoid fanaticism.

Big Cat said...

A Greyson Howl is flat our wrong. This is a choice that 1-2% of the population makes. The scientific Human Genome project makes it very clear that people are not born gay, and just because people loud that they are born that way doesn't make it so.

The state sanctions unions that benefit the whole. A man marrying a woman, and having children, and raising them to be good citizens is something the state wants to encourage.

Pursuing gay relations then having the nerve to compare it to being black or civil rights is an outrage. The people of California have spoken and do not sanction your perverted lifestyle. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

I think this list is stupid and cowardly. The people who created this list has decided to not place any contact information. How convenient, eh? The citizens of California have spoken and I feel the gay community needs to take a chill pill and get over themselves. If you want to be acknowledged as a married couple, go to Connecticut and MA. It is really getting ridiculous how everything is turning out. All of the protests and hating on churches and people who do not share the same beliefs as the gay community is really uncalled for and immature. There are ways to protest, like contacting your senators, etc. Not attacking people who do not share the same beliefs. Get over yourselves, for real! Just because people do not share the same beliefs does not equate to hate. How skewed are some people's thinking?

Anonymous said...

The encouragement to not patronize these business can only be taken so far. For example, someone from my employer's legal dept donated; do I quit my job? Two employees at separate branches of my bank donated; do I close my accounts and take my money elsewhere? In both cases, the corporate entity didn't make the donation--an employee did. I'm not about to make such radical changes because of a couple of narrow-minded employees.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for an address for someone involved in creating the blacklists of people in favor of Prop. 8. As I feel that homosexuals are not natural human beings, and thus, not a specific "class" of humans, they don't have any constitutional rights except freedom of speech and association. The First Amendment does give them the right to speak about their unnatural inclinations as well as permit them to indulge in such inclinations, but those rights should also go to monkeys. I'd like to get on the list. Thanks for any help available

Anonymous said...

I was so happy for my daughter's future when Obama won, but all this hate from the gay community makes me fear for her future once again.

I do not live in CA and frankly I thought that people should have the right to whatever domestic partnership they wanted, but now . . .People are destroying and burning my church's meeting houses and burning hateful signs in peoples lawns.

As far as I'm concerned the gays have become the new KKK.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a privacy issue at all. The records used on the black lists are public--anyone has access to them. And, I don't see why such information shouldn't be compiled into a list for easy reference.

I know Mr. Schecter has voiced his concerns about targeting individuals, instead of corporations. However, corporations are made up of individuals. And individuals who form these hateful corporations should hold account for the hatred they pass in our society.

Every year, 1,500 lgbt teenagers kill themselves in the USA because of the hate these anti-gay "corporations" aka "large bodies of individuals who hate gays" teach in our society. And yet, we're not supposed to name the people who pass hate in our society? We're supposed to target the group they form, but not the individuals? I'm sure when people are bullying kids, they're not thinking that maybe they should bully the gay community as a group instead of singling our children out! We have to hold everyone accountable for this. I don't see how we can open a channel of communication when individuals refuse to be accountable for their actions? This isn't a matter of speech. Speech is the usage of words and ideas. Once you convert your words into something concrete such as a donation to a hate organization or a shove to a gay classmate in the school halls, it is an discriminating action. And a discriminating action is not protected under the 1st Amendment!


Anonymous said...

What happens when a daughter really wants to marry her father and they too have true connection and want to get married? Do we let them? It is illegal to. Right? They don't have the right to be married. So do those who oppose 8 and want equal rights for ALL think that they should be able to be married?
Those in favor of 8 weren't, and are still not against the gay and lesbian community, they were in favor of saying that the definition of marriage, is 1 man 1 woman. They still have the right to a domestic partnership, those rights were not taken away.
My question is... Why do you have to call it marriage? It is in fact different (physically to state just 1, and the most obvious) than a man and a woman. And there is no room for argument there. Why can't you give it different name, like Pairriage?
I for one think that they should have all of the rights that a married couple (man and woman) have, and they should be allowed a ceremony that recognizes them. Just called it something different because it IS. And different doesn't mean it's bad. Different is ok!!!
I just want someone to explain why they are pushing so hard to have the definition changed.

Anonymous said...

No on 8 people are going to loose support. What's next?

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, we still have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. greyson howl, why don't you post your phone number and make yourself accountable also? This blacklist is a terrible thing. To those out there who agree, write down the google ads at the top of the page on the boycott website and boycott them!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why these anti-gay people think they can take away rights, spreading hate, and not suffer the consequences. If the information was made available, gays have a right to make the statement!

Anonymous said...

How did expressing an opinion become hate?
Why is the gay community lashing back at the democratic institutions which have created hate crime legislation?
This backlash reeks of sore losing and hypocrisy. Americans respect the process.
Watching this unfold reduces my sympathy for the homosexual cause.

Anonymous said...

Hello A. Greyson Howl. What a stupid person you are. I came out of the lifestyle, and there is nothing but "hate" in the gay community. It turned me off...Just because someones opinion is different than yours, doesn't mean that they hate. It's not up to you to call anyone out in the first place.

What about the gays, or whoever were against Proposition 8? They should have a website for me to harrass them!

Anonymous said...

"Why? So people are accountable for their actions. Feel free to donate money to support hate and discrimination(or whatever your little heart-or lack thereof-desires), just don't hide from one's actions like a coward."

Sounds like you are confused.

What you call support of hate and discrimination, to others is support of moral values.

Anonymous said...

So this is "tolerance", is it? Try to ruin the lives of people you don't agree with? Belittle those whose opinions differ from yours? Then let's be fair about this. Let's start a blacklist which names all the people who campaigned against prop 8, and normal people can treat them the same way.

Anonymous said...

I Think that this list should be expanded to every state that has banned gay marriage and denied us the civil liberty to protect ourselves.. So often a couple who have been together for many years looses everything when thier partner passes away. The Family/courts come in and take everything away leaving sometimes a faithfull partner homeless... Is this right.. NO.. Anti-Gay Blacklist Please expand to cover More States.. IT IS TIME FOR EVERYONE TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED FOR.


Anonymous said...

"Tolerance?" Where's the tolerance in donating to groups that take away the RIGHTS of other groups you don't like? Where is the tolerance in such outlandish discrimination?

I thought "tolerance" was disagreeing with people but allowing them the same rights you allow yourself.


lumax said...

The point of fact is whether you are gay or straight, black or white, christian, muslim, jewish or atheist we are all human beings and all Americans. None of us should have less rights or no rights due to the fear and ignorance of others. The Constitution states "...ALL men are created equal..." not just the chosen few.
As an aside. There were quite a few people listed that are not even from CA - what concern is it of theirs what goes on in CA?

abcd1234321 said...

You may like to believe that there are no similarities between Prop8 and the civil rights movement but, alas, this is nothing but a display of your narrow minded ignorance. These same arguments--"It's not natural"--echo the same disturbing sentiment that we witnessed in the not too distant past. Remember when many states opposed interracial marriage? Seems absurd right? But it's true, and the same heartless arguments were made then. It's a said day when so many so-called religious people--especially those whom follow the teachings of Christ--find themselves judging their neighbors and doing unto them that which is unjust--stripping them of their right to pursue happiness--the American way. I'm thankful that we, humans as we are, sinners as we will always be, will find redemption and salvation regardless of our ignorant bigotry and selfish judgments we cast upon the gay community. May god have mercy on us all.

Marriage can not and should not be defined between a man and a women, a church and/or the state, but between two human hearts and their communion with the eternal, god--love. I don't believe the states should recognize any marriage. I think the 'term' is loaded (for good and in this case ill) and should therefor remain in the sanctity of the church. If the States adjusted their language and only sanctioned civil unions (or whatever term deemed appropriate) and granted the applicable rights that follow suit, to all citizens, do you believe the church and it's followers, me included, would still be so judgmental?

Oh, and calling to voice your opinion is not hate, it is American, define it however you'd like, but labeling it hate is silly. Hate involves treating others as you would not like to be treated. If a gay man contributes money to a hate group and is willing to attach his info to the cause because he thinks it's purposeful, he too should be held accountable. And after all, if these folks wanted their work info to be withheld they could have donated less than 1000dollars. Are there not other causes that Jesus' teachings would guide us to that would better serve the community, not just politically driven legislation.

Anonymous said...

Many of these comments make me extremely sad. We have not come as far as we think we have in regards to "Human Rights". How can we ask other countries to live by our example when we set such a poor example to be followed. I have read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As I can see from some of these responses more people need to follow suit.

Whether Californians have voted to pass this law or not, I can see it being overturned by the Supreme Court in appeal and it should be contested. Because voters made it law does not mean it is not a bad law.

spaz said...

first of all it is NOT a violation of privacy!! these people CONTRIBUTED their beliefs backed up by thousands of their dollars to push something that, pretty much takes a basic constitutional right away from a targeted group of humans, PERIOD!

if these supporters of prop.8 have such a strong faith in their beliefs and they were bold enough to contribute so much money in these harsh economical times, then they should not mind that gay people, friends, relatives and supporters of gay people ban/boycott their services and business.

why would these prop.8 supporters want money from people who are gay or gay supporters anyway?

why, if their faith is so rock solid in their beliefs, should prop.8 supporters mind if people know who they are and that they contributed funds and supported prop.8 (many even by posting a banner on their lawn, might i add)

these prop.8 supporters put up thousands of dollars to:

A) put something on the ballot that gave the government authorization to alter AND change the Constitution to take rights away from a targeted group of humans.
a right that every other tax paying human in California has.

B) promote false, hateful and negative propaganda regarding the true nature of Prop.8, which was to take a Constitutinal Right gays already have.

and how is it that people who aren’t even residents of California were allowed to contribute thousands of dollars to prop.8? (see contributers at
could they be members of mormon churches in other states, maybe?

by gays, families, friends and supporters of gays’ Constitutional Rights boycotting and banning the business and services of supporters of prop.8, how is that a privacy issue?

and please!
you can’t be serious about comparing actors being blacklist for being communists to exposing people who are in favor of stripping the basic Constitutional Rights of a targeted group of tax paying Americans, can you?
i mean really.

for people not to favor gay people’s personal beliefs and lifestyle is one thing, but putting up $100, $200,000 and some upto $22 million dollars to pursuade people to vote in favor of giving the government authorization to make changes in the Constitution to TAKE AWAY rights from a targeted group of people is another.

the right to vote and "voting" on a measure for the common good of all is one thing, authoring a proposition that strips a people of Constitutional Rights they already have and putting up $22 million of the church’s money, plus hundreds of thousands of other people’s contributions to run false and negative ads to get people to pass the proposition is another thing as well.
(personally if I was running such a big church that had $22 million just lying around, I would have used it to help people who were going through troubled times rih now, but I guess taking people’s rights is more important to the mormons)

i believe that people who bought into the propaganda of “Yes on Prop.8” have no idea of what they have done.

what’s next on the next ballot?
African-American people can’t marry? Hispanic people can’t marry? Asain people can’t marry? Caucasian people can’t marry (yeah, like this one would ever happen)?
oh wait…
maybe those rights won’t need to be on the ballot to be voted on.
maybe you’ll just wake up one day to that new law. since you already gave the government power to dictate what marriage can and can NOT be.

what if every Californian gave $20 dollars so we can put a proposition on the next ballot, making it a crime to “marry” (have) more than one wife in every state and religion, and also making it a crime to trade a daughter in exchange for an under-aged new wife? (huh mormons?!?!)

...just something for you to think about.

Anonymous said...

This is in reply to "anonymous" who posted that gays are the new KKK.

For decades, gays have been targeted by for merely what we are. Hitler tried to exterminate us with the Jews. In our neighborhoods, we're not safe from individuals who like to jump us, when we're walking in around, and beat the crap out of us with baseball bats, their fists, knives, or whatever they can find.

We have tried peacefully to live our lives. And as Prop. 8, passed, it so strongly stung many of us in believing that asking for our rights, peacefully, was not working. The retaliation, the bigotry that you, your daughter, and community are receiving, are there because it's the bigotry your community has placed into my community. Your community has been sowing seeds of hate for so long in my community, and now is the time for you to reap what you have sowed!

I am not justifying violence retaliation, don't get me wrong. But, you need to understand where our frustration is coming from. And you need to know, that I know your words, are merely the terms you need to justify your own bigotry. I think we all need a helping of humility pie, here, don't you think? Yuck. Tastes like crow!


Anonymous said...

Still, A. Grayson Howl, 2 human hearts? What if a Father and Daughter want to wed? Brother and Sister? Grandfather to Granddaughter? 8 year old to a 38 year old? What then? Then are you willing to define anything or is it just a free for all? Please I truly am interested to hear what you have to say about their rights. Because if I'm not mistaken under your logic all of the above could and SHOULD be possible, and even legal. Would you like your children taught that it's ok to marry their grandma? Or you if they really wanted to? 2 hearts right?

Martin Schecter said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. The latest comments (not posted) I feel are starting to veer into that gray area of personal exchanges that become a bit flamey and repetitive, so I'm closing further comments on this post.