Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello Sarah: From My Parent's Basement

Just in case you missed it, Sarah Palin is on the offensive once again, saying that she'll "plow through the door" to run again in 2012 (assuming the door is open - wouldn't want her causing any door-jam damage if it's closed) and that all this hoo-ha about her on the Internet was just "bloggers in their parent's basement just talking garbage."

So, by-golly, maybe I should just rename this blog "My Parent's Basement." Kind of catchy, huh?

Then again, since I just finished selling my parent's house and settling their estate, I really couldn't be blogging from their basement. And mine just isn't finished enough to be comfortable to blog from - I actually have a rather nice home office from whence I do my blogging.

Golly-gee, Sarah. Maybe political garbage isn't limited to the basement?

So if she thinks the blog world and the MSM is all out to get her, maybe it's time this woman started her own blog. Maybe she can post a recipe tip along with each prescription for energy independence or foreign policy.

Though note to Sarah: "My Parent's Basement" is already taken.

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Tiffani Ellis said...

If I remember correctly, Sarah Palin was "drafted" for VP by a blogger in his parent's basement.

Maybe she should be grateful.