Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boycott Anti-Gay Hate States

I was at the marriage rights rally in New York yesterday. Will have pictures and more commentary soon.

But wanted to post a point that someone made. Talking about boycotts, it makes sense to me that gay people and their allies should stop spending money in states that have targeted us for discrimination. This simply seems commonsensical to me. So, in the interests of information, here are states that have written discrimination into their constitution - not just against the word "marriage" but against ANY TYPE of recognition or rights for same-sex couples. At this point, even most Americans agree such discrimination is unacceptable. So I call on everyone to boycott businesses and tourism in the following states:

South Carolina
South Dakota
North Dakota

So...there, I reverse what I said earlier about boycotting Utah. Boycott that sucker. Let's move the Sundance film festival to Lake Placid, New York.

All you gays who like going to Ft. Lauderdale and Key West? How about coming to Provincetown or Fire Island...or maybe Spain for the winter? Support places that recognize your rights.

No more watching the Ohio State/Michigan game. Harvard/Yale can take its place.

No more drinking Jack Daniels. From now on, it's Glenfiddich for me.

Watch MSNBC instead of CNN.

Drink Pepsi, not Coke.

Instead of cowboy boots, it's Timberland.

Instead of Wisconsin cheddar, it's Vermont (Four-Year Old Grafton Cheddar is one of my particular favorites).

Why visit Mt. Rushmore? The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are much more inspiring.

Kansas...doesn't make anything, I can think of. Stay away from it anyway!

Arkansas and Virginia have particularly odious amendments also restricting rights such as adoption and contracts. I'd do whatever possible to avoid even flying over those two states in an airplane.


Anonymous said...

Now is the time to act up with the LGBT economic impact. Blacklists like expose those who endorese inequality.

Anonymous said...

How can someone simply disagree with you without being a homophobe, or a gay hater.

I have read the points, and simply don't think the definition of marriage should be changed.

Martin Schecter said...

Just to clarify someone's confusion. This isn't a list of states banning the word "marriage." It's a list of states denying equal rights for gay couples (i.e., "civil unions" or whatever you want to call it). There's a pretty large consensus that this is discrimination. And yes, the root cause is homophobia.