Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is Post-Gay Dead?

Did it die on November 4th, with the passing of Proposition 8 in California?

There seems to be a new gay movement forming in the aftermath. This one is angry and wants full inclusion in society now. This one is tired of putting gay identity behind other identities such as Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, black, female, wealthy, suburban, urban, multicultural, Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Mormon, Islamic, single. It's time, according to this movement, to stop being "Mr. Nice gay" and go after gay prejudice hiding behind politically correct facades of religion, race, and other excuses.

This one is tired of fake "post-gay" blending of the larger culture of metrosexual heterosexuals and gay eyes for straight whatevers; it suddenly realizes that metrosexuals aren't having their marriages put up to popular vote and finding their kids taken away, and don't really understand their gay neighbors that well after all.

Suddenly, the end of gay culture as Andrew Sullivan proclaimed a year ago seems as miscalculated and off as predictions of ever-increasing home values did in 2006. Gay culture seems about to make a comeback, one tied to the long history of the civil rights struggle. This one could be huge.

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Anonymous said...

Amen. As a mortal enemy of Andrew Sullivan's ilk (precious, pretentious, spoiled, snotty, solipsistic and soulless Yuppies without CLUE ONE about reality), let me say that gay men and women are indeed sick to death of this stupid, false bromide, and of the idea that equality is anywhere visible, much less achieved. Gay people are STILL the only convenient and acceptable societal scapegoats for all that lovely free-floating hate out there in our so-called culture, and it will require enormous changes to fix this little problem.