Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Boycott List (Not "Blacklist") of Yes on 8 Donors

Here is the publicly available list of Yes on 8 donors.

Perfectly fair I think to encourage anyone who cares of about equal rights to avoid doing business with donors and businesses on this list. For instance, I certainly wouldn't send a relative to a long-term care facility where I know that they actively campaigned against equal marriage rights, or hire an attorney that had done the same. First of all, I wouldn't feel welcome there. Secondly, I wouldn't want my money supporting bigotry against gay people; just as I wouldn't want my money going to a business that gave money to Hezbollah or Hamas and thereby be responsible for inadvertently funding terrorism.

(A bit different in my mind than blacklisting an individual from their career, just as I wouldn't want to blacklist someone who simply voiced support or made a contribution to Hamas. I'm not saying they should be prevented from making a living at all. I'm just saying, I don't want my money going to them. I know, it seems a trivial point, but I still think it's an important distinction.)

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