Friday, November 21, 2008

The Recession Blame Game

Suddenly, it seems people are starting to realize that this is a REALLY BAD recession (that could have been a great depression). This is something we haven't seen in twenty-eight years (if not since the thirties).

Like, duh. Have these people been listening?

But now that panic is really settling in, the tongue wagging and blame game is starting.

Just look at Memeorandum tonight. Or watch the news. It's all chock-a-block full of articles of who is to blame for this mess. The various contestants competing for greatest recession-causing scum are:

Poor black people buying houses they can't afford.
Greedy CEO's flying in private corporate jets.
Democrats promising homes to everyone.
Republicans refusing to regulate Wall Street.

I'd like to propose one more boogieman who isn't getting the blame I'd expect. Couldn't we just call this the Bush income redistribution scheme finally coming home to roost? Seems to me the world's income was redistributed long ago to all the Bush cronies and friends. The rest of us are only now just getting the bill.

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