Thursday, November 20, 2008

Should eHarmony Be Forced to Offer Same-Sex Dating?

The right wing is all in a lather because a court suit forced them to open up their services to gay clients.

Actually, though, I kind of agree - if eHarmony wants to provide a "straight only" service, why shouldn't they? Besides, what gay person would want to use a service that flat out says, "they don't understand gay people"? I disagree with Malkin's analogy that it's like forcing a steak house to serve vegetarians (in a way, that might actually make some kind of sense). It's more like forcing the Catholic Church to do Bar-Mitzvahs. Who really expects to get a satisfying Bar-Mitzvah from a priest?

And besides - what does this suit mean for gay-only services? Will straight guys now be suing to get pictures of boobs posted on gay hookup sites? God forbid.

It'll actually be a little sad to see the ad campaign go away. I kind of liked the "rejected by eHarmony" campaign. Would have made me chose any day. Now, both services will seem bland.

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