Friday, November 21, 2008

The Republican "Good Fight"

One reason I like the site "Culture 11" is because

a) I may be a Democrat, but as Woody Allen says, I wouldn't want to be a member of any party that would have me as a member


b) as Bush W. George will tell you, anyone can easily go bonkers without having someone around to call them on their shit.

Okay, that's two reasons. But I bring this up as an introduction to this article in Culture 11, laying out five points over which Republicans would stand up to an Obama administration.

I say: good going, old chap. These are points I'd be more than happy to argue in the public debate. Unlike the toxic incompetence mixed with corruption of the last eight years, or the morally suspect righteousness of the religious right, or the self-interested blowhardism on FOX, these are actually intellectually based points worthy of debate.

Not that I agree with them. But they're the debates worth having. They're examples of why the Democrats need an actual opposition party to debate with, not just a collection of wingnuts to mock.

Though I think Obama has the strongest argument on four out of five of them; I still say: may the best reasoned argument win.

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