Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Leaked Cabinet Names: Other Interesting Highlights

Some other interesting names stand out on Podesta's leaked list for the Obama cabinet.

I love the idea of an Energy Security Council reporting directly to the President. Maybe this time we'll actually do something about this issue.

Richard Clarke for Department of Homeland Security? Didn't see that one coming, but talk about a rebuke to the Bush Administration! This is the guy who basically was the first one to come out and say Bush dropped the ball on 9/11.

Brian Schweitzer for Department of Interior? Inspired - time to start training the Pres. candidates for 2016. But it looks like Richardson is the favorite.

Bonior at Labor? That will certainly guarantee an auto industry that's front-and-center of an Obama administration.

Hagel, Nunn and Powell are in competition with John Kerry (and Richard Holbrooke) for Secretary of State. Since Kerry isn't anywhere else, I think this one goes to him.

Other than Hagel, Gates and Powell seem the only Republicans seriously on the list (Leech is amongst a bunch of contenders for Agriculture). Surprise that Powell is at the top of the Secretary of Education list. That would certainly be interesting if he accepted. This list almost guarantees Gates will stay on and let's see what happens with Powell and education.

No surprises at Treasury, VA, UN.

Clinton and McCain no where to be seen on the list....

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