Thursday, November 06, 2008

Shocker! I Agree With Michelle Malkin About Sarah Palin

Yes, folks, it may sound shocking that I agree with probably the most right-wing blogger on the net talking today about Sarah Palin. But with most of what she says, I do agree.

Malkin's points:

Palin worked her heart out.

Couldn't agree more. For a "whack job ignoramus diva" and political novice, she gave it a great shot and really did better than anyone could reasonably expect. She was also very gracious.

She did it with tirelessness and infectious optimism

Infectious being the key word. Kind of like a bacterium. Don't you love the smiling optimistic haters?

Who does this damn more, Palin, or McCain and his vetters for green lighting her.

McCain and his vetters. I've been saying: they were real idiots here.

McCain aides .... leaking to Fox News is disgusting

Yes, the whole Republicans eating their young on the sad and dejected Republican appartchnik network thing is a pretty disgusting thing to watch.

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