Monday, November 24, 2008

Republicans Talking Down The Economy Are Unpatriotic

You know, when Democrats criticized the war, Republicans went on endlessly about how ANY criticism of the war was unpatriotic, giving solace to the enemy, etc. etc. Democrats didn't ACTUALLY say things like "I hope Al Qaeda wins" or "there should be another terrorist attack," they just said that they WAY Bush was fighting the war on terrorism was muddle-headed and wrong. Yet the administration did all it can to paint such views as giving comfort to the enemy.

Here's Cheney on Meet the Press, a perfect example.

I have no compunction about Republicans criticizing Obama's plans for fixing the economy - when he comes up with some - if they can offer anything better (and better than what their own party has been doing this year).

But Republicans seem to be ACTUALLY ROOTING AGAINST a recovery. Here's another one:

There is a bright side. Now that the Democrats control the White House and Congress, they will get blamed for everything that goes wrong.“Things can turn,” the senator says, growing less glum. “These are pretty tough times to be in charge. These are pretty tough times to have power.”

So I say, shouldn't we start calling this rooting against Obama and against the recovery for what it really is: treasonous?

Certainly more so than Democrats criticising a bungled war.

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