Sunday, November 09, 2008

Obamaptimism: The Coming Movement

Today, the lingering anger and depression about Proposition 8 is starting to be replaced by excitement for what an Obama administration will mean. Prop 8 was a slap in the face, but maybe a bracing one. It kept me from getting too excited too soon about President Obama. But with time, even Prop 8 will go the way of all things. Today I perhaps am ready to enumerate, here, some things that make me once again excited about the prospects for our country.

1. The Obama Cabinet: won't it be fun to watch him assemble a team of our nation's top talents, instead of our nation's top suckups?

2. The Comeuppance: won't it be fun to watch the Democrats put the Bush criminals in jail? (Hot stock tip: paper shredders. They're bound to see a huge two-month run.)

3. In the end, isn't repealing DOMA across the country worth more - at the moment - than getting the word "marriage" in California? Both are important, but give me my husband's social security and immigration status now. One can only hope that Obama has the wherewithal to go further than repealing DOMA and institutes a nationwide system of civil unions in his first term.

4. Finally - a real alternative energy policy?

5. Finally - a real healthcare policy?

6. Aren't the Obama's cool? Finally, the Facebook culture comes to Washington. It's not just getting a seat at the inauguration; it's getting a seat at the table.

7. Obama's message to blacks: no more excuses, pull it together. His message to whites: as Bill Mahar says, if you want a great President, pick the black dude. Finally, America will capitalize on all its talent, instead of just a portion.

8. Finally, we have a President who knows how to read and doesn't believe the Earth is flat. Maybe that will inspire some Americans to consider that there's actually such a thing as reality.

9. Obamaptimism: won't it be great to be in a country that thinks "yes we can" instead of "what's in it for me?"

As I wrote a while ago, Obama is our generation, our time. As of January 20th, we get to step up to the plate.

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