Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Girly-Dog For Obama

Obama tells Barbara Walters he doesn't want a fru-fru "girly-dog" like a Havanese. He wants a "real man" dog. Presumably a Rottweiler or Pit Bull.

I understand the point. My husband felt the same way. Wanted a big dog to romp around and toss a stick with. Until we got Zoey. Who is, I will say, unique and all her own creature.
Not all small dogs are "girly" dogs. Beagles are very loyal and great scent hounds; Terriers are athletic, fun-loving things that are great at sports like agility; Sheep dogs are medium size bundles of energy that will herd your sheep, goats, kids, you, and anything else that requires rounding up for bedtime.

And there's one other point. Just because he doesn't want a "girly-dog," I hope Obama won't rule out a female dog. Not that I have anything against the male of the species, but while male dogs can get to be a bit obsessive about the one thing they like to play with (think boys watching football), female dogs really do exhibit a broader range of emotions, and really do seem to think of themselves as another member of the family. Just be sure they're spayed.

Some of Zoey's many moods.

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Anonymous said...

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