Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Republicans Poised to Follow Palin Down Rabbit Hole

It's illuminating to read the right-wing blogs praising Palin as the savior of 2012 while also reading about some Republicans who've gone off their meds and have started raving about their paranoid delusions of Fuhrer Obama imprisoning Americans with his Gestapo Conservation Corps.

If Republicans let their party become hijacked by these raving lunatics, it concerns me. While it might feel good to watch a major American party that's just spent eight years preoccupied with dividing America finally implode into total moon batty irrelevance, I really do worry about a Democratic party that's been given a free pass to roam wild with no intellectual counterpoint for a generation.

Future flash:

"Mommy, who are those scary men with foam coming from their mouths banging outside the window?"

"Never you mind, child. In the olden days, we used to call them Republicans. Now we just scatter a few flag pins on the ground when they come by, and they tend to go off into a corner somewheres and mumble to themselves. Now, come to the table and eat your bowl of Democrat Flakes...."

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