Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Republican Courage Watch

Republican columnist Kathleen Parker takes on the fire breathing religious right in her party, and receives the usual tongue-lashing from the True Believers. Some, trying at least to be generous, still can't see the difference between Obama's approach to an inclusive vision of personal faith and the GOP's version of right-wing religious hate mongering.

I don't know how this True Believer blindness came to be. Republicans used to be smart enough to keep their unhinged religious zealots locked in the political closet. Now, they want them out there, scaring off voters, while Obama shows democrats how to be BOTH spiritual and inclusive.

Have the True Believers become so encased in their own alternative reality bubble that they actually don't realize there are people out there who are offended by holier-than-thou right-wing religious scapegoating and attacks? As Morpheus says to Neo, "hmmmm....."

The longer the Republicans are blind to the difference between Obama's version of faith and that of people like James Dobson, the longer their party will stay toxic to voters.

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