Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Presidential Styles: Clinton, Bush, McCain, Obama

Over breakfast, we came up with this formula for Presidential styles. I think it sums up the twenty-five year period we're in quite nicely.

Clinton would compromise his principles, and tell you that technically, he wasn't really compromising them, and even if he were, those weren't really his principles.

Bush would send a team of lawyers to argue that in a time of war, there are no such thing as principles, and send Cheney on the talk shows to say that anyone who suggested there should be principles was siding with the terrorists.

McCain would compromise his principles, then smirk and say, yeah, he compromised them, but only because the Democrats made him do it.

Obama would compromise his principles, then get on TV to give an eloquent, detailed speech about how compromising his principles was actually reaching across the aisle in a show of unity, and how this is better for you, the people.

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