Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Our Town Is Already Celebrating

Our town here in NJ is a racially diverse town - 30% black, with a wide range of incomes (home prices range from $300,000 to over two million), a significant percent of people who commute to New York, a significant Jewish community, artists, etc, and neighboring some more predominantly black, urban towns. We have a small downtown with train station, starbucks, diner, pizza shop ("trattoria"), movie theater, etc., and also a Catholic college. I work here in an office overlooking the intersection of our little downtown, which has a small town square feel even though we're just half an hour from New York City.

I tell you all that so that you have a good picture when I say that it's only 4:00pm, and our little suburban town is already starting to celebrate.

Cars are driving down the street with megaphones blaring Obama speeches, chants of "O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma" - people honking wildly, people on the street waiving at the cars. It's starting to feel like a carnival.

Who knows what it'll be like down here if (when?) Obama is declared the winner.....

Not sure what to think if he isn't....

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