Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama's Grandmother: A Moses Story

Reacting to this sad news today about Obama's grandmother passing away, I think of the Moses story.

Moses was brought to view the promised land by God, but told he couldn't enter.

Obama's grandmother came so close to seeing the results of this historic election featuring her grandson. But died just thirty hours away from knowing the final result. The days ahead will be emotional indeed for the Obama family. It is hard to imagine dealing with such a tragedy while at the same time managing the final 24 hours of a hard-fought, two-year campaign for the most powerful job in the world.

Even the most fervent bloggers on the right have sent their wishes and thoughts, which is heartening. Our hearts go out as well to the Obama family. But I'm sure Madelyn Dunham didn't need to know the outcome tomorrow to be immensely proud of her grandson's amazing accomplishments.

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