Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Palin's Wasilla Hillbillies Looted Neiman Marcus

Wow - talk about a Sarah Palin scandal. This woman just doesn't stop. She was creating new ones even as the campaign was coming into its hot final days.

In Newsweek today:

NEWSWEEK has also learned that Palin's shopping spree at high-end department stores was more extensive than previously reported. While publicly supporting Palin, McCain's top advisers privately fumed at what they regarded as her outrageous profligacy. One senior aide said that Nicolle Wallace had told Palin to buy three suits for the convention and hire a stylist. But instead, the vice presidential nominee began buying for herself and her family—clothes and accessories from top stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. According to two knowledgeable sources, a vast majority of the clothes were bought by a wealthy donor, who was shocked when he got the bill. Palin also used low-level staffers to buy some of the clothes on their credit cards. The McCain campaign found out last week when the aides sought reimbursement. One aide estimated that she spent "tens of thousands" more than the reported $150,000, and that $20,000 to $40,000 went to buy clothes for her husband. Some articles of clothing have apparently been lost. An angry aide characterized the shopping spree as "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast," and said the truth will eventually come out when the Republican Party audits its books.

Man, we knew that Palin was bad news. This one is as bad as Perdiem-gate, times a million.

Hey, if you liked this post, you might do some shopping of your own, which you can do while whistling this theme song.

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Anonymous said...

"Man, we knew that Palin was bad news. This one is as bad as Perdiem-gate, times a million."

I have to disagree. At least the shopping spree was funded by Republican donors, and they should have known better than to donate to this campaign, and are bleeding from self-inflicted wounds.