Friday, October 10, 2008

William Ayers and Obama

Obama has a clear statement out today that makes sense to me: when he met Ayers, he thought, since Ayers was a college professor and chair of committees, that he had pretty much been rehabilitated. (It was only later that Ayers started talking about his past.)

It's interesting to me that Evengelical Christians - who are quick to forgive Bush's similar "rehabilitation" from being a drunken, draft-dodging cocain-using hothead - have no similar Christian sense of repentence for Ayers. Well, it could be because Ayers later didn't repent his former ways, but celebrated them. Well, fair enough. So Ayers is an unrepentant former sixties radical. I've known a few myself.

Still, what all this has to do with Obama for the life of me I just don't get. And I think most voters with half a brain cell don't get it either. All it seems to be doing is creating a lunatic fringe mob out of whatever remains of the Republican party. If this rabid name-calling is all that's left of Republican ideas, they are a dead dead dead party. Turn on Fox. They sound like a raving lunatic just before being institutionalized. If there are a mob of these people left after the election, will our mental hospitals be big enough to hold them all?

It's too bad that this is all that Republicanism has left.

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