Tuesday, October 28, 2008

States The Republicans Are Trying to Steal

Hold onto your hat! Republicans are making an unprecedented effort to steal the election in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia, and Bush is joining in now to help try to suppress votes in Ohio and next possibly Colorado.

One reassuring thing: Virginia is probably too far gone for the "move the election day" trick to make a difference, and even if they manage to steal the election in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Colorado, the map would still look like this:

The other thing: Obama is a lawyer. And unlike Gore, they're prepared for a fight.

But don't kid yourself: every vote in this election is going to be needed. And this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Republican vote-stealing tactics. For a run-down of all the dirty tricks they have going - and the millions of voters they plan to disenfranchise - read this article in Rolling Stone.

The scary thing? Exit polls showed Kerry winning over Bush by 3%. But Bush won by 2.5%. That portends a good chance that Republicans were able to steal nearly 6% of the vote. This year they've intensified their efforts, and so with all the Republican vote stealing plans in the works, Obama's 6% lead may not be enough to make this more than a very very very close tie.

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