Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama's Electoral Blowout: Georgia Is Now A Swing State

The electoral college is now getting so stacked toward Obama that the fun in the game is no longer wondering about Pennsylvania or Michigan - or even the thrill of red Virginia turning blue (Obama is double-digits in the traditional blue states, and now has a 10 point lead in Virginia) - but rather, which bastions of hard-core red Republicanism are going to turn blue in this election?

You might say, it's getting easier just to count the states McCain might hold on to. I think he's pretty safe in Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Utah. Palin may deliver Alaska. Everything else seems up in the air.

I mean, Dick Morris thinks Tennessee and Arizona, McCain's home state, are going to go the way of Obama, and West Virginia and Arkansas are in the bag for Obama. Fivethirtyeight has been talking about the Dakotas becoming a swing states and pretty much believes Obama's sealed the deal in North Carolina. Obama has good chances to tip Indiana and even Georgia.

I mean, when in your wildest dreams did you ever think that three weeks from an election, we'd be saying that a liberal Senator from Illinois had Virginia, Colorado, Ohio, Nevada, Missouri, and Florida "in the bag" and could possibly win the swing states of North and South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Arkansas, West Virginia, Montana and North Dakota?

Obama, however, warns us to not get too cocky about this.

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