Sunday, October 19, 2008

Campaigning for the Racist Vote

It's interesting to me that the prospect of a black man becoming President has produced equal and opposite reactions in what we might disparagingly call "the racist vote."

For some, it's made them challenge their racist assumptions, as this report in Politico details.

A polite, black former Marine, Mitchell Cook, was handing blue Obama bumper stickers and yard signs to drivers pulling into the mall [in West Virginia] and was even attaching the bumper stickers himself to some of the pickups and battered two-doors. "Twenty, 30 years ago, if you had a black man stopping cars, handing out signs right here, he would have been shot," said state Auditor Glen Gainer. "Now they're stopping, asking him to put on stickers."

For others, it's allowed them to openly boast about their racism, as the video below demonstrates.

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