Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Republican Deep End Just Keeps Getting Deeper

Just when you thought they couldn't freak out any more, Republican True Believers have found ways to go even further off the deep end as the polling portends a clear Democratic win in nine days.

Suggesting that Obama's campaign is being paid for by Nigeria.

Threatening Jewish voters with letters that electing Obama will mean a second Holocaust.

Claiming Obama will turn the U.S. into an official socialist country.

Saying that anyone who supports Obama - including conservatives like Colin Powell, Mathew Dodd, Ken Adelman, and Scott McClellen - are suffering from cultish delusions.

That the polls are being manufactured by a liberal media elite that's in the tank for Obama and intentionally duping the country.

Oh, and my personal favorite, that self-aggrandizing nutso James Dobbson, sending out a letter saying that a President Obama will allow homosexual scoutmasters to rape young scouts, provide mandatory gender identity training for first graders, force euthenasia for anyone over 80, and have the FCC rule that only porn can be shown on TV.

Yeah, James. The Obama Presidency will be Clockwork Orange, only with gay porn instead of violence.

No wonder sane Republicans are fleeing this party in droves. It kind of reminds me of that Star Trek episode where Beverly Crusher is sucked into an alternative reality, but doesn't realize it, and people start disappearing. She keeps wondering why more and more people are disappearing and where they are going but doesn't realize that they're disappearing because it's HER who's in a fake reality. Finally, her son convinces her to head for the light before her reality collapses completely.

I'm afraid these True Believers will go down with their collapsing reality before they ever think about heading for the light. Read more of the nonsense here.

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