Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why the Right-Wing Bloggosphere is Out of Touch

Here's an interesting poll that shows just how out of touch the right-wing bloggosphere has become.

It's not just that despite all evidence most believe McCain will win (hope does spring eternal, we can't fault that).

It's that nearly all believe a) the media has been heavily biased towards Obama and b) the way for Republicans to win is to become more conservative.

They fail to see the contradiction: the more conservative they, and McCain, get, the more negative coverage they get. The country just doesn't want to go into that cesspool anymore, and the media is no longer in the tank for THEM.

Perhaps dear Brutus, the problem isn't in their stars, but in themselves.....

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Steve L said...

I fully agree. I occasionally listen to the right wing noise machine just to see to what depths they have descended, and lately I find them eating their own young.

Just what are the conservatives conserving anymore?

-- SteveL in PA.