Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Noteworthy Republican Endorsements for Obama

The next two weeks could see a magnifiscent crescendo in Obama support. The powerful endorsements just keep coming. The Chicago Tribune - which has never endorsed a Democrat for President - today wrote a powerful endorsement for Obama.

Money quote.

We do, though, think Obama would govern as much more of a pragmatic centrist than many people expect.... We know first-hand that Obama seeks out and listens carefully and respectfully to people who disagree with him. He builds consensus.... He has been called a "University of Chicago Democrat"--a reference to the famed free-market Chicago school of economics, which puts faith in markets.

The LA Times - which also has never endorsed a Democrat and last endorsed Richard Nixon - writes:

Our nation has never before had a candidate like Obama, a man born in the 1960s, of black African and white heritage, raised and educated abroad as well as in the United States, and bringing with him a personal narrative that encompasses much of the American story but that, until now, has been reflected in little of its elected leadership. The excitement of Obama's early campaign was amplified by that newness. But as the presidential race draws to its conclusion, it is Obama's character and temperament that come to the fore. It is his steadiness. His maturity.These are qualities American leadership has sorely lacked for close to a decade.

What's the score for newspaper endorsements? Obama: 55. McCain: 14.

No contest.

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