Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The McCain Campaign Deathrattle

You can start to hear the deathrattle of the McCain campaing on the bloggoshpere. It sounds like this:

1. Arguments about which side has the scariest lunatic fringe.

2. Desperate new innuendos against Obama and more guilt-by-association tactics.

3. Long, resigned and bemused think-pieces on the sordid coming takeover by the liberal spendthrifts.

4. McCain announcing a major reboot of his campaign every day with no appreciable changes, except to continue do the next day what he said he wouldn't do the previous day.

5. More and more conservatives jumping ship, including the RNC itself.

6. Talk about 2012 instead of 2008.

It's kind of sad, really. I mean, at least Democrats were able to keep up the hope of a victory through election day. I've not seen a major Presidential candidate simply...give up...before. I don't think Democrats have had a loss anything like this since....McGovern? (after link note: oddly, blue and red are reversed from their traditional meanings in this graph.)

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